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Imagine how unique is having an ultimate protection for your Iphone and at the same time playing a game with your case. Yes, it´s possible with our RetroGcase. Unlike the other fancy cases, RetroGcase is the only accessory that you´ll need for your Iphone.

From now on, you´ll be the coolest person wherever you go because RetroNcase it´s the only case wich allows you to play a classic game while your Iphone it´s on the back resting.

RetroNcase is the world´s most epic case. It´s programmed with 36 games and was designed to protect your Iphone so you´re not sacrificing protection for fun. It´s completely shockproof so your Iphone is protected all the time.

Plus, you can play for 3 hours before the battery runs out! RetroGcase includes a micro USB cable so you simply plug it into the cable to recharge in no time.

We also asked hundreds of Iphone users wich details they prefer to see in a case and RetroGcase is the answer! It fits perfectly on your Iphone, offers ultimate protection and epic fun, wherever you go, whenever you want.

RetroNcase is compatible for Iphone 6, 6s, 6plus, 6s plus, 7, 7plus, 8, 8plus, X, Xs, Xr & Xs Max, coming in three basic colors: White, Black & Red.

We are very proud to have thousands of happy RetroGcase costumers. We also offer you a 30-day money back guarantee.

Order now to receive your RetroGcase within 10-20 business days. Due to a high demand, we thank you for your understanding.

Let us know if you have any question. We are here for you!


Safety: The internal design was made in order to have an optimized heat dissipation to keep RetroGcase functional and safe at the same time. 

Gameplay: RetroNcase has sensitive buttons which increase your gaming experience to a whole new level.

Battery: The Lithium Ion rechargeable battery lasts al least 3 hours before runs out. You can recharge via our micro USB cable which comes with RetroGcase.

Display: With his basic and colorful display, you´ll have the best gaming experience.

*Please allow up to 3-5 business days to process your order*

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